3D Printing

3D Printing is simple way to build a prototype in a less time & Cost effective way. Compared to Traditional Printing it can produce complicated designs in a Simple way. To know more in detail about 3D Printig Click Here

Printing Services

We turn your imagination into reality in a simple click. Upload your STL/OBJ files here to get them 3D Printed.We print from 70 microns to 300 Microns with different Materials. PLA, ABS, TPU, Flexible PLA, Nylon and resins.We Respond to your service request in less than 30 min.

Virtual Assitant

We build Virtual Assistant to your Company Facebook Page. Facebook Chatbot functionality on your page enhances customer experiences.  Your customer support is simplified


Virtual Assistant

We are a Cutting Edge Technology Services Company, We Offer Services in building Chatbots & Virtual Assistants to your online webportals & social network Platforms.

Innovation Consulting

We build innovation Strategies for Colleges and Universities to empower students engagement towards innovation & Entrepreneurship.

We Organise Hackathons for Various Industries.


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